Name Address Information

Full Name 林 裕太
Address 島根県足立区南赤田16丁目23番2号 上野桜木アーバン164
Gender Male
Title Mr.
Birthday Sept. 26, 1986, 2:47 a.m.

Contact Info

Street 島根県足立区南赤田16丁目23番2号 上野桜木アーバン164
Phone 93-8192-4635

Physical Appearance

Height 5.81 inches (177 cm)
Weight 185.19 pounds (84 kg)
Blood Type B+
Hair Color Cool Brown
Eyes color Hazel
Civil Status Divorced
Educational Background Associate and/or bachelor's degree
Driver License 411318540
License plate MED 468


Employment Status Full-time work
Salary $8600
Job ゲームクリエイター
Company 佐々木建設株式会社 PLC
IBAN GB82IQIP55440859654544
BBAN ZDZQ70959439151831
Currency Lebanese pound
Industry Business and Financial Operations Occupations
Credit Card VISA 19 digit
Credit Card Number 4060404670114423330
Expiration Date 07/30
CVV 214


Username satoryohei
Password 8$0k7YK81g
Email [email protected]
TLD jp
UUID f8a7eec1-6d4b-404d-a626-1a52d3a179ac
MAC 1a:f3:a6:e3:95:3d
IPV6 abee:1919:ef09:8403:de5c:5dd0:61e2:984
MD5 64c17d3477fa50eb2a7e86f120b90ae9
SHA1 a61250781094d4c15d74892166833ae222e94e15
SHA256 9a6eb107ecf4371cb5e6800dd0f4bad193fcf4c4ae10479011b6e5cae5f47938
User Agent Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; MSIE 9.0; Windows NT 6.1; Trident/5.0)
Operation System Windows 11


Latitude 23.1959
Longitude 86.51499
Time Zone Asia/Kolkata
Favorite Season Summer
Favorite Color Cyan
Favorite Book The Lightning Thief (Rick Riordan, 2005)
Favorite Movie Ronin (1998)
Favorite Movie Star Bette Davis (1908-1989)
Favorite Music Swing music
Favorite Singer Aretha Franklin
Favorite Song In Case You Didn't Know (Brett Young)
Favorite Sport Paleta Frontón
Favorite TV Show The Vampire Diaries (2009 – 2017)
Favorite Indoor Hobby Board/tabletop games
Favorite Outdoor Hobby Gardening
Personality Trait Core self-evaluations


Security Question What is your dog's name?
Security Answer sano
Calling Code 81

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