Name Address Information

Full Name Jeffery Haas
Address 610 Northwest 7th Street
Ocala, FL 34475
Gender Male
Title Mr.
Race White
Birthday July 26, 1996, 12:05 a.m.
(Social Security number)

Contact Info

Zipcode 34475
Street 610 Northwest 7th Street
Place Ocala
County Marion
State Florida
State abbr FL
Phone 317-715-1501 (Tw Telecom Of Indiana Lp)
Mobile 317-902-1501 (Tw Telecom Of Indiana Lp)
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Physical Appearance

Height 5.94 inches (181 cm)
Weight 160.94 pounds (73 kg)
Blood Type A-
Hair Color Light Golden Blonde
Eyes color Blue
Civil Status Married
Educational Background Bachelor's degree
Driver License R362-6687-1925
License plate ZFJ6360


Employment Status Full-time work
Salary $8200
Job Risk analyst
Company Davis, Green and Alexander Group
IBAN GB06XYRG04057227923049
BBAN COKM05431741393285
Currency Ukrainian hryvnia
Industry Management Occupations
Credit Card JCB 16 digit
Credit Card Number 3517719700691756
Expiration Date 12/28
CVV 845


Username carlsonlindsey
Password 2&)GAxSH)(
Email [email protected]
TLD com
UUID d477c80b-6677-43dd-8efb-dc5498e3a743
MAC 27:2a:3b:e4:ff:c9
IPV6 638c:84e:ce50:5929:7e96:53f7:8a1:b6b8
MD5 1fca38eba2d88a6a3af634fd771070f8
SHA1 212277ca2206102837d4780ca16609b1b60dec2b
SHA256 8bfd0f45f7d4c6e432dd9a6e2c6ad109cdbfa69d2234c4ac99a4da9f601b93fc
User Agent Mozilla/5.0 (Android 2.3.2; Mobile; rv:47.0) Gecko/47.0 Firefox/47.0
Operation System Windows 11


Latitude 11.86064
Longitude 9.0027
Time Zone Africa/Lagos
Favorite Season Summer
Favorite Color Orange
Favorite Book Fighting in Spain (2007)
Favorite Movie An Affair to Remember (1957)
Favorite Movie Star Jill Balcon (1925-2009)
Favorite Music Instrumental
Favorite Singer Amy Winehouse (1983–2011)
Favorite Song Get Lucky (Radio Edit) (Daft Punk)
Favorite Sport Shooting sports
Favorite TV Show NCIS (Since 2003)
Favorite Indoor Hobby Macrame
Favorite Outdoor Hobby Metal detecting
Personality Trait Type D personality


Educational Background Bachelor's degree
Driver License R362-6687-1925
License plate ZFJ6360