Name Address Information

Full Name Laz─âr Lucian Toma
Address Aleea Florea Marginea, 872929
Gender Male
Title Mr.
Birthday Oct. 21, 1990, 3:39 p.m.

Contact Info

Street Aleea Florea Marginea, 872929
Phone 0744 773 911

Physical Appearance

Height 5.87 inches (179 cm)
Weight 187.39 pounds (85 kg)
Blood Type A-
Hair Color Cool Brown
Eyes color Blue
Civil Status Divorced
Educational Background High school diploma or GED
Driver License 915 451 619
License plate HD-240-GAI


Employment Status Full-time work
Salary $6200
Job Fotoreporter
Company Nistor Ababei AFJ URL
IBAN RO02KGQY7190863622594684
BBAN AGRO3437973839540287
Currency Mozambican metical
Industry Business and Financial Operations Occupations
Credit Card Diners Club / Carte Blanche
Credit Card Number 36617884817304
Expiration Date 02/33
CVV 701


Username gnita
Password &87H_drtyK
Email [email protected]
TLD ro
UUID 3e86cce4-d391-4a71-91b0-529abb56ed4d
MAC 41:66:b3:16:1e:c9
IPV6 2b1c:dfa0:404b:13ec:fa78:5058:5432:6a75
MD5 6e18c905a9401bc3a220d7f478d102cd
SHA1 4324d9be4ca859239625fcca6135a6a8bf651991
SHA256 0644bf1eae81bdc8f90de3e9f2969d9cf41ca9d49653cd52374fcc10876572f9
User Agent Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; PPC Mac OS X 10_11_0; rv: Gecko/7431-06-29 23:08:22 Firefox/4.0
Operation System Windows 11


Latitude -10.91111
Longitude -37.07167
Time Zone America/Maceio
Favorite Season Autumn
Favorite Color Yellow
Favorite Book Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (J. K. Rowling, 2005)
Favorite Movie Schindler's List (1993)
Favorite Movie Star Clint Eastwood
Favorite Music Heavy metal
Favorite Singer Blackie Lawless
Favorite Song Tin Man (Miranda Lambert)
Favorite Sport Synchronized skating
Favorite TV Show The Big Bang Theory (Since 2007)
Favorite Indoor Hobby Video gaming
Favorite Outdoor Hobby Mushroom hunting
Personality Trait Sensation seeking


Security Question What is your dog's name?
Security Answer sano
Calling Code 40

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